How to pull in French on New Year’s Eve

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How to pull in French on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve and  French Kissing

Le gui

Le gui

It’s New Year’s Eve and you are in France and there’s someone you’d like to do more than just kiss with under le gui (mistletoe). Whilst you may remember the phrase ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?’ means ‘Would you like to sleep with me?’ you have some other options before going in for the kill, as frankly that line is 99% likely not to work.

How to say Happy New Year in French!

First of all practise your line for when midnight comes – Bonne Année! (pronounced bon annay). Secondly, make sure you are near enough to the heart of your désire to increase your chances of a kiss.

Professional French Kissers

Un bisou

Un bisou

You may also know that the French are professional kissers. Their usual way to greet with family and friends (and that might mean you as a friend of a friend) is by kissing each other on the cheeks. Between 2 and 4 depending on the région. This greeting is known as ‘la bise’. Believe me this can be quite a time-consuming event if you are going to meet a crowd of people. This is sometimes known as la fricassée de museaux – meaning ‘a stew of muzzles’ because you kiss lots of faces.
You do light kisses/air kisses to people you don’t know or don’t like and go for the noisy smackers to the ones you love. You don’t give la bise to your lover – that would be very formal and old-fashioned.

Kisses and kissing – what’s the difference?

Un baiser or un bisou = a kiss
The only trouble with the word ‘baiser’ is that as a noun it means a kiss but as a verb it means to f**k so please don’t ever try to say someone ‘kiss my arse’ using this word as a friend of mine once KissMyArsesaid in front of my French mum – she’s open minded and so am I but I did flinch a little!

The verb to kiss is s’embrasser. J’ai vu maman embrasser le père Noël hier soir – I saw mommy kissing Father Christmas last night.

Pulling on New Year’s Eve en France

Back to the gui (mistletoe) situation. If you’ve managed to kiss your dreamboat on the cheeks (donner la bise) and now you’d like to engage them further by offering them a drink you could try a few of the following suggestions.

Voulez-vous prendre un verre avec moi? – ‘Would you like have a drink with me?’

If you want to make clear that you’d like to pay (always more likely to be accepted) then in French you ‘invite’ someone ‘invite’ is pronounced (anveet).
Je vous invite à prendre un verre – ‘I’d like to invite you to take a drink.’ Might sound odd to you but not to the ears you fancy.

Or you can offer a drink (again – this is a totally normal way of speaking in French). Je vous offre un verre.

Je craque pour vous!

Je craque pour vous!

‘I fancy you’ en français

Perhaps the object of your desire is not convinced or if time is running out you could try letting them know you fancy them.

To say you are falling for someone you have various possibilities (they get more informal as you go down the list – none of them are vulgar):

  • Vous m’avez tapé dans l’oeil’ – ‘You caught my eye’ (literally ‘You have tapped me in the eye’).
    Je suis fou/folle de vous – ‘I’m crazy about you’.
    Je craque pour vous – ‘I’m falling for you/I’ve got at thing about you’.
    Je kiffe pour vous – ‘I’m crazy about you’ – very informal (comes from Arabic).

‘I love you’ en français

Je suis amoureux de vous. Photo by o5com

Je suis amoureux de vous.             Photo by o5com

If you are bolder or dafter or you just like to big up the fromage (cheesiness) then take this top tip on board. Many (but not all) words ending –ous in English become either –eux or –euse (depending on whether the word is masculine or feminine). A good example is Merry Christmas which in French is Joyeux Noël – literally Joyous Christmas. So how about ‘amorous’? Yes you can use this word in French to say you are in love with someone.

To say ‘I am in love with you’:
If you are a man, you say – Je suis amoureux de vous.
If you are a woman, you say – Je suis amoureuse de vous.

If nothing else works and you have nothing left to lose then go for it! Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?


Bonne chance! – Good luck!

Summary of French Kissing

Donner une bise – to give a kiss
Donner un bisou (des bisous – kisses) (diminutive of bise) – to give a (little) kiss(es)
Se faire la bise – to give one another the kiss (la bise is the French greeting ritual where you kiss each other on the cheeks – this is how you greet your family, friends and even good colleagues – men also do this but a handshake is also used for less close relationships amongst men).
Un baiser – a kiss
Un bisou (diminutive of baiser) – a (little) kiss
S’embrasser – to kiss

More colloquial expressions about French kissing

(Though I’m pretty sure the French didn’t invent kissing!)

Rouler une pelle/galoche/escalope/saucisse – To roll a spade /galoche – clog thing/escalope/sausage – all mean to snog/French kiss/kiss with tongues/make out (don’t ask me the origins of those!)
Il m’a rouler une pelle – ‘He snogged (English term for kissing with tongues) me’.
Sucer la tronche/la pomme/le caillou – To suck the face (tronche is slang for ‘face’, pomme means ‘apple’ and is also slang for ‘the face’ is caillou meaning ‘stone’).

Voulez-vous faire l'amour avec moi?

Voulez-vous faire l’amour avec moi?

Summary of French Love Making and F**cking

Faire l’amour – To make love.
Faire boum boum
Faire une nuit blanche – An all nighter (literally a white night).
Coucher avec quel qu’un – To sleep/lie down with someone.


How to say to f**k – these are all vulgar

Baiser –to f**k
Conclure – To conclude
Sauter – To jump
Tirer un coup – To bang
Niquer – abbrevaition of forniquer – To fornicate
Se faire – To do
Se taper – To hit/have


Bonne Année à vous tous – Happy New Year to you all – N’oubliez pas – don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates.

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