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Hire me

Hire me – Cécile Besrest-Butler

Your nice friendly French teacher.

Your nice friendly French teacher.

Private lessons via Skype

I can offer French to advanced level and Spanish and Italian to intermediate level.
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Corporate Events – Learn Fruity French

Would you like to brighten the faces of your staff? I offer an alternative corporate event. A bit of fruity French. A day where people can have fun by learning a few cheeky French expressions and have an excuse to laugh at some double entendres.

Offer language lessons in your company

I am a fully qualified foreign languages teacher with many years experience. I’m also available for one-to-one or group tuition via Skype. Perhaps your company would like to offer their staff language lessons. The people I have taught have said time and time again that their language lessons are the hour they look forward to the most. Having an hour a week to do something they love with a fun teacher is uplifting, motivating and results in a more productive team. Plus learning languages is good for your health! It has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia because it trains your brain in a particular way to keep it working more efficiently, even later in life. Reward your staff with an hour of fun  with health benefits. I can offer French to advanced level. Spanish and Italian to intermediate level.

Please contact me to arrange something that suits your needs. Subscribe to the Frogs’ Legs on Toast Newsletter for updates.


Voiceover Work

Do you need a voice over talent for commercials, audiobooks, training, podcasts, documentaries, telephone messages, trailers etc.?

As well as recording my online fruity French course I did 9 broadcast commercial for La Redoute catalogue in 2013/14 where I had to speak in a comedy French accent. This work was lots of fun and very rewarding. I have a home studio so I can record, edit and add music myself.

You can hear my showreels below.

Commercial reel

Narrative reel

 Lesson Planning for Teachers

Are you fed up with preparing lessons? Send me the details and vocabulary/grammar you plan to cover and using my video animations I can prepare something entertaining for your students. Prices start from £20.00 for a 1 hour lesson. Contact me. 


Become a Talking Onion or Tennis Ball

Do you want to be turned into a a talking onion, a tennis ball or anything else? Send me your video footage and tell me what you want to be. You may have a photo you’d like to use. Please contact me for information on how to shoot your video footage. Prices start from £15.00. Contact me. 

Click the cc button to get subtitles – bottom right on movie.

I’d love to hear from you.


Cécile 🙂



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Hire me
Languages teacher for hire! Hire me for Learn French corporate events, language courses, voice over work and lesson planning for teachers.

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