How do the French Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How do the French Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How do the French celebrate Valentine’s Day ? Like you – with chocolates, red roses and words of love in cards (cartes de vœux means cards of wishes – they say wishes rather greetings). There are of course the intimate meals at the restaurant or in private at home. And if you are lucky a night of passion.

Je t'aime

Je t’aime

There are also the arguments because your lover has either forgotten or hasn’t made enough effort. In these cases there are evenings of silence or arguments with tears followed by nights without any passion at all or loving reconcilations under the duvet. So just like where you live.

Comment les français fêtent la Saint- Valentin ? Comme vous – avec des chocolats, des roses rouges et mots d’amour dans des cartes de vœux. Il y a bien sûr les repas intimes au restaurant ou en têtes à têtes à la maison. Et si vous avez de la chance une nuit de passion. Il y a aussi les disputes parce que son amour a soit oublié ou pas fait assez d’effort. Dans ces cas il y a des soirées de silence ou d’engueulades avec des larmes suivi par les nuits sans aucune passion de tout ou bien des réconciliations amoureuses sous la couette. Comme chez vous quoi.

If you are declaring your love to someone you might say :

Je suis amoureux (if you are a man) /amoureuse (if you are a woman) de toi – I’m in love with you
Tu m’a tapé dans l’oeil – literally – you tapped me in the eye
J’ai le béguin pour toi – I have a crush on you

If you want to declare it with passion you may say :

I’m crazy about you – je suis fou de toi (if you are a man) & je suis folle de toi (if you are a woman)
I’m crazy in love with you – je suis fou amoureux/folle amoureuse de toi

How to say I love you in French to you lover

To tell your lover that you love them in French one of the most passionate ways is to simply say :

I love you = je t’aime

Then you can add some of the following terms of endearment…

In terms of animals – mon lapin – my rabbit or for extra mushiness mon lapin d’amour – my rabbit of love



Or mon poussin – my chick


The particularly romantic one – ma puce – my flea




Away from the animals we have the angelic – mon ange – my angel



the pulsating – mon coeur – my heart


the classic – mon amour – my love



the glinting – mon trésor – my treasure


mon/ma chéri(e) – my darling. Cher means ‘dear’ as in expensive cher/chère mean ‘dear’ as in ‘dear John’ then we have chéri/e which means darling – but darling comes from dearling and changed over the years.


finishing with the delicious mon chou – my choux pastry (which in all honesty I had thought was referring to cabbage – as did my 72 year old French mother! – we stand corrected and relieved).




Bon les amis – je vais aller me coucher….toute seule…à vous les amoureux et à nous les célébataires.

Right friends – I’m going to bed…alone…to you the lovers and to us the singletons.

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How do the French Celebrate Valentine's Day?
How do the French celebrate Valentine's day? - Flowers, chocolates, red roses and cards. Sound familiar? Learn 9 terms of endearment in French to use with your French lover.

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