How do the French Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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How do the French celebrate Valentine’s day? – Flowers, chocolates, red roses and cards. Sound familiar? Learn 9 terms of endearment in French to use with your French lover.

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Epiphany in France

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Epiphany in France – how do the French celebrate Epiphany? By eating a cake, drinking sparkling wine and wearing a cardboard crown of course!

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How to pull in French on New Year’s Eve

Posted by on Monday, December 29, 2014 in Celebrations, Culture, Expressions, how to say to make love in french, New Year in France, Seduction | 0 comments

Si vous couchez avec moi ce soir ça va être une très Bonne Année! If you sleep with me tonight it’s going to be a very Happy New Year!

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How are Christmas and New Year Celebrated in France?

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Learn how the French celebrate Christmas and New Year in France. Traditions and food.

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Aller boire un verre – how to ask someone out for a drink in French

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Aller boire un coup c’est agréable – ‘Going for a little drink is nice’ in French

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Halloween in France

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November 1st is much more significant in France. All Saints’ Day – La Toussaint is when people visit the graves of lost ones and attend religious ceremonies.

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