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Cecile Besrest-Butler – In the beginning 

I’m Cecile Besrest-Butler – my grandparents were Mary and Joseph. Okay I’m not Jesus’ daughter but they really were called that. Well, ‘Marie’ and Joseph because they were French. My mother was their eldest child and she met my English dad. They emigrated to Canada. I was born on my due date in Hamilton and I have been punctual ever since.

I was brought up speaking French and English. After leaving Canada we moved numerous times; to France, London, North Yorkshire then eventually settling in Bradford, West Yorkshire – a place in the UK where they don’t say ‘the’. ‘I’m going to’t pub’ for example.

Finishing School

After finishing school (not a finishing school – I’m not refined) I studied French along with psychology (which is my biggest interest). Following my teacher training I taught French and German at various schools doing different jobs in between teaching posts.  Strangely my jobs always seemed to involved French and psychology. I rescued people stranded abroad (or broke the bad news) by telling them if they were insured or not whilst injuring themselves pissed up, naked dancing on the pool’s edge. I ran a bar and later a small hotel on a French ski resort in a not so modern building. I cleaned toilets in a French nightclub, I played pool with the locals at a French campsite in between serving them beer. Eventually, I did go back to education to teach kids hungry to learn French and German…not. The biggest compliment I ever got whilst teaching was that many of the ‘naughty’ kids liked me and deeply touched I was by this too. I dipped in and out of secondary education and in my last school post I made it to the grand heights of second in the Modern Foreign Languages department but fled to Australia after a year. You may have gathered I wasn’t fond of the constraints of formal education.

Professional Globe Trotting 

I once actually held down a single post for 6 years which involved participating in 21 EU funded projects about education, promoting language acquisition, amongst other things, but no one ever knew what on earth I did – I was accused of being a long distance lorry driver as I was never home. We had project meetings at least once a month in a foreign land. I LOVED THIS JOB. The fact that it was varied, there was travel, I met great people and I could learn comedy foreign phrases and put them to use. It inspired me to learn Italian and at least learn how to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘where is the toilet?’ in various languages. ‘Unde este toaleta?’ That’s Romanian – I am very proud of that!

Settling down

Since becoming a mum in 2011 I have been enjoying teaching French, Spanish and Italian to adults. In addition, I have done several mainstream TV ads for a French catalogue that advertise in the UK.

I like red wine…..a lot… and I like to eat (good food) and watch sub-titled films and series like Montalbano. I also like to talk nonsense with friends and I love love love my wee daughter.

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I hope you enjoy these blogs and lessons. They take an awfully long time to research and create. If you would like the titillation to continue your donations would help a lot. Thank you kindly.

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Subscribe to the free Frogs Legs on Toast Newsletter.

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  1. Hi

    I’m looking for one to one tuition for my husband so that he can get by when he visits our house in France. He has dyslexia and struggles to learn a new language – do you think you’re up for the challenge?

    With kind regards

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