How to say you in French


How to say you in French

Only you!!!!! Oh and you too!

Oh the joys of learning a foreign language! Why don’t they speak like what we do? Wouldn’t it be easier if we all just spoke English? I went to a foreign and country and they couldn’t speak English!!!!

Well if you’re new to French there are one or two differences between the two languages. Although you’ll be happy to learn that a lot of English is just like French just with a funny accent with an added bit of German, Greek and Mishmash thrown in.

Okay, there are two ways of saying ‘you’ in French. Actually there are others but we’ll look at those another jour (day).

One way is if you are speaking to one person that you know very well or don’t have any respect for.


Tu’ is used for friends and family, pets or if you are a more senior citizen that demands more respect from the lowly. A teacher towards a student is a typical example. However, the student should NEVER address their teacher as ‘tu’ unless they want to spend a lifetime in ‘colle’ detention.


To address someone to whom you are supposed to show respect ‘vous’ is used.

To make things a little more fun if you are saying ‘you’ to more than one person as in ‘you lot’ or ‘y’all’ then you also use ‘vous’ whether you are familiar with them or bowing to them in respect.

My mother is French and we spent most of our summers in France with family. I will always remember how embarrassed my French cousin was when I addressed and old lady as ‘tu’. I hadn’t realised as we were always amongst family being informal. My cousin was mortified and really had a go at me.


Tu – informal singular
Vous – formal singular or plural (you lot/y’all – formally or informally)


Here is a PDF version without all the colour if you would like to print it out and save on ink TuVous.

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Article Name
How to say you in French
How to say you in French - there are two ways of saying 'you' in French. A formal way and informal way and it also depend on how many people you are talking to.

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